Love God! Love People!

What to Expect


Our conviction: The Scriptures must be central to our gathering and living together.


Our commitments from this conviction: 

1). A word-centered gathering of believers.

In short we strive to read the word, sing in alignment with the word, give according to the word, pray in accord with the word, preach the word, and receive and respond to the word.  Our goal is the exalting of Christ, edifying and equipping of brothers/sisters in Christ, evangelizing sinners, and exulting in the gospel. These goals in the gathering will never be a reality apart from the Spirit illumining the Word for regeneration, repentance, renewal, remaining in Christ, and righteousness to the glory of God.  We do not strive for mere decisions, but for disciples living all of life to the glory of God.  In the gathering of worship, we prefer substance over style, faithfulness over fleshly fads, and the glory of the gospel over the opinion of man.


2). A household of faith that pursues the command to love one another in deed and truth.

We are a multi-generational church from all walks of life united in Christ by the Spirit.  In the household of faith we express member care by weeping with those weep, rejoicing with those who rejoice, and bearing one another’s burdens.  Along with member care, we also minister to our community to meet physical, financial, family, and spiritual needs.